Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 135

Pickin blueberries...
We got up at the butt crack of dawn to go and pick blueberries at a nearby farm today. I had so much fun!! I've never been picking like that before and it was a new experience for me. They don't use any pesticides so you can just eat and pick and eat some more until your bucket (or belly) is full. Needless to say, I did the pickin and Mike did the eatin!! We did wind up with two gallons of berries for only $14 which I thought was a GREAT deal!!


  1. how fun, where i live, we have never seen blueberries growing! it's something i have always wanted to see.

  2. They are so pretty on the bush - and yummy in the tummy! I worked on a blueberry farm when I was young so had lots of experience in picking!
    I laughed about you getting up at the butt crack of dawn!