Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 141

What a spoiled dog we have!
This is about the only time I'm able to get a picture of Kimbo. (or when she's sitting for a treat) Her bed is in the same room we have the computer. It's an actual twin bed with covers and a pillow! And she is very, VERY picky about it. Like last night, she kept wandering in and out of our bedroom. Then I remembered I left a basket of clothes sitting on it earlier in the day. She doesn't like anything on it that isn't supposed to be when she goes to sleep. The stinker wanted it OFF of her bed so she could snuggle in her covers!


  1. Too Cute! I love dogs. What kind of dog is she?

  2. that is hilarious!!! is that a pillow under her leg?

  3. What a cutie. My dalmatian was like that -- he was so picky he wouldn't even lay on the ground outside. I kid you not, I had to put a blanket on the ground or he would remain standing outside! Now my two aussie girls are not so picky... they act like dogs outside! (But they like both the beds in the house, ours and the guest bedroom!)