Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calmer days

The kids went back home Sunday and it has been so quiet around here (which I LOVE!!) and things are getting back to normal. Life becomes a little too hectic for me when they are with us, and I'll just leave it at that to keep from sounding like a complete witch. Everyone tells me that it's difficult for all step parents, but it's hard for me to believe that it's THIS HARD for everyone. I had to pray for patience all the time to keep from slapping one of them for their language and attitudes! And I finally realized that if I do ever have kids, I'll probably be one of those mamas that gets locked up for "child abuse" cause they got caught spankin their youngun in the grocery store! (OK, I know that child abuse is a very serious thing, and I hope none of you are offended by that, but when you spank a kid that's throwing a temper tantrum cause they aren't getting their way it is NOT child abuse) Yep, I'll be like those old ladies carrying their switches around with them!! LOL But until then I am quite satisfied with my "baby". Here's some pictures of her most recent trip to the beach. She actually got out in the water this time!!


  1. Love that first pic!!! what expressive eyes!!!

    I was one of those "spankin' moms" ...and I also have very respectful kids. They have their moments but for the most part are awesome!

  2. Your "baby" is so cute! I love his eyes!
    I also was one of those spanking moms and my kids turned out fine!
    Regarding your comment on my blog - my hubby does sell his carvings and gives them as gifts.

  3. Your "baby" is a sweetheart... at least she'll/he'll never mouth off with bad language, lol.