Sunday, July 5, 2009

So, I found my camera...

This is my brother's little girl. The pic is from the fourth, and I've been trying to upload it since Monday, but haven't been able to cause our internet goes all screwy! But isn't she just adorable!! On our beaches we don't really have pretty shells, but after digging around for a while she did find this piece of one. She was so excited to find it! We had a great Fourth of July. Did some cooking on the grill and had homemade ice cream!!

For an update on the cottage, it's being rebuilt on a very SMALL budget, but I got an exciting little tidbit of info yesterday. We may be getting solid cherry cabinetry and granite counter tops!!!! The contractor is a friend of ours and her brother is friends with a guy that does cabinets and counter tops. So keep your fingers crossed!! I was just excited that I would finally have my own kitchen and would have been happy with plain old laminate, so needless to say, I am just beyond excited about this little possibility!! We've also decided to acid stain the concrete floor in the kitchen and living room so I can't wait to see how that turns out.

Also, the kids are here and their cousins have also been staying with us. So we now have 3 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 children, and 2 dogs living in this house. There hasn't been one dull moment all week, but it has also gone much more smoothly than the previous summers. I am so relieved about that and hope it stays that way!!


  1. Nice to see you here! I love the photo and am excited for you about the kitchen plans!

  2. glad you found your camera! welcome back! great photo.

  3. What an adorable lil gal, and you got a wonderful photo! Summer is so busy for all of us, ya know? It just gets crazy sometimes.

    I started a new full-time job last Weds -- now I wonder how everyone else manages to fit in their blogging (and Twitter!) with work. ACK!!