Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 60

"Orange Blossoms"
"Life is officially back to normal!"
-Delana Stroud
LOL! How do you like that!! I can't believe that I haven't taken any photos for the past FIVE DAYS!! My goodness, I feel like I've abandoned ship! We spent another weekend in the hospital after Mike's heart cath because his BP dropped when he got up to walk. The doc decided that this was because of the meds he was given. Also, we found out that there were NO BLOCKAGES!! PRAISE THE LORD AND HALLELUJAH!!! Seriously, I am so glad that they didn't find anything. Now, the doctor is thinking that his chest pains could either be from muscle spasms or acid reflux and gave him some new meds for that.
Hopefully, life can remain somewhat normal for the remainder of the year and I won't be missin anymore days!!


  1. Beautiful picture! I'm so happy for the results of the heart cath.

  2. Wonderful pic. So glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Have a great day!

  3. What a relief, how happy you both must be! Beautiful photo also. :)