Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 65

"an afternoon at the park"
Mike has decided to play on the church softball team this year which should be quite entertaining. We had to go buy a glove and ball for him today and I never knew that you could get neon yellow balls! My younger sister informed me that they also come in hot pink and that I should have made him get that color. LOL
After attempting to pitch the ball to him myself, (apparently he wants to be somewhat "prepared" for their first practice tomorrow) he decided that his nephew would be a better practice buddy. I told him the way I see it, I've gone 27 years without playing sports and I can't find any reason why I should start now! I'm guessing that the pose in the picture will become the norm for me on Thursdays! (their game days)
I tried to get some pics of the guys pitching to each other but neither were very interested in being my P365 photo for today, but I have a feeling that tomorrow might be a different story!


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on this! I like your pose too!

  2. I vote for the "feet up" on practice and game days. Perfect time for you to relax, lol. Hey, thanks for coming by my blog and all your wonderful comments. I hope once paint's hoof has healed he can become MY horse, although my husband finds it rather amusing. Apparently, he has never ridden him in 3 years, and the ex-gf he got him from was thrown once by paint. I refuse to believe it of him, however, he is so affectionate towards me!! Optimism, eh?