Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 101

Self portrait?
We had family over today after church and cooked out on the "grill". I want one of those monstrous built-in ones. You know, one with the refrigerator and sink and anything else your precious heart desires?!! But I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming and pretend that this pitiful thing is one.
(btw...although my legs are short, I don't think they are this short! lol)


  1. Funny! I wouldn't have noticed the legs if you hadn't pointed it out!

  2. It's my day for Aerosmith ~ Pink is playing on your playlist ~ I LOVE Aerosmith!

    Great photo! I ended up with a 'self portrait' of my reflection in a photo I took of my husband's car awhile ago.

    Photographing our shadows are the best because then we look taller! :)