Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 95

Guilty Pleasures
The Fluffernutter Song:
Oh you need fluff, fluff, fluff
To make a fluffernutter
Marshmallow fluff
And lots of peanut butter.
First you spread, spread, spread
Your bread with peanut butter
And marshmallow fluff
And have a fluffernutter.
When you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
Your fluff and peanut butter
You're glad you have enough for another fluffernutter.

Sorry if I might have busted y'alls bubble, but I did not make this little song up. Or the sandwich. Have any of you ever had one? They truly are fabulous! I mean this thing is so good that when you take a bite you can hear the angels in Heaven singing! Well, almost. I am a strong believer that you've gotta have something to treat yourself with every day, and this was mine for today. A big ol sugar loaded, hip widenin, butt blubberin Fluffernutter! (notice the extra portion of fluff) I also found a website that tells you all about marshmallow creme and the fluffernutter.

1 comment:

  1. I've never heard of that sandwich or the song. I don't like peanut better sandwiches, so this is probably not for me, but it actually looks good in the picture!