Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 91

Tonight was the first game for Mike's softball team. They didn't win. Didn't even come close to winning. But I think everyone enjoyed it. They played the team from the Air National Guard and they had some pretty awesome players. I decided to get a quick photo at the end because I didn't want to embarrass Mike during the game constantly taking pics of him! lol Our team has prayer before and after every game and I thought it was pretty cool of the ANG guys/gals to join them at the end. We are the only "church team" in the league. When some of the members from our church decided to form a team a few years ago and talked with the pastor about it, he didn't want them playing in the church league because those people are already in church. He wanted them in the city league where they could hopefully share God's love!

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  1. I love that shot! I think it's great they are a witness out there too!