Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 85

new shoes!
"You cannot put the same shoe on every foot." -Publilius Syrus

I know that not everyone will find these shoes particularly appealing, but I think they are just freakin cute! I have had a little white sun dress for over a year and never wore it cause I didn't have any shoes to go with it. Well, now I do!! I also got a cute little short sleeve sweater to wear over the dress until the weather gets hotter. (Although I may not even use it since the temps have been in the high 70's - 80's!) But anyway, I'm excited about my new outfit! Kinda reminds me of when I was little and would always get a new dress for Easter.


  1. I wish I could wear shoes like that. Too Cute!

  2. Cute shoes. They'll look great with a little white dress.

  3. Those are so adorable and will look fantastic with a white sundress!! :)