Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 77

We had some stormy weather blow through here today. I've realized that you can tell when Spring has truly arrived here on the coast by the weather. When it's rainy and storming every day, it's Spring.

So after all the rain and lightening finally let up, I went outside to try and find a pic for today. I was going to get a shot of this plant because it is just gorgeous whenever it has just rained! (I think it's because all the pollen, dust, etc. gets washed off of it and the water makes it just glow in the sunshine) Well, I took some pics of the rain drops and shadows and whiskers on kittens, LOL, and after seeing them on the computer I wasn't that impressed. Went back out to try again and look what was waiting!!


  1. I love this - what a cute shot!

  2. I love these lil guys, so cute! And a fantastic shot by you! :)