Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 89

In the beginning...
...there was dirt. Only, not enough of it. We're planting a small garden (SUPER YAY!!!) and this is how far we got today. Dug up the grass to "sod" patches in the yard where the grass still hasn't grown back in from Katrina, went to Lowe's and got dirt, plants, and a new lawn mower (another SUPER YAY!!). But Mike's mom and I underestimated the amount of dirt we'd need. I think Kimbo was confused because we were digging up grass and playing in dirt and she isn't allowed to. LOL

If you make the picture larger you can see how awful my baby is looking these days. She has demodectic mange and had an outbreak about a month ago. The meds that she usually takes for it isn't working for her anymore, so now she will have to get the "dips". She had her first one yesterday and will have to go back in two weeks for another one. I really hope this helps her, because from what I understand about this type of mange, if it is left untreated or gets to the point where it can't be treated it could be potentially fatal for the animal.


  1. The garden will be wonderful! I hope the treatments work for your baby too!

  2. Oh poor Kimbo! I really hope this helps her, I hate to see a dog in distress. I love my girls, and I'm sure you love your Kimbo, so... hugs to both of you!!!